Miss Mandy Pearl’s Picnic

Miss Mandy Pearl's Picnic

“I need to thank a friend for telling SCORE about me,” Mandy Pearl said. “He’s a stupendous fan of SCORE and this guy encouraged me to send in my images.”

Mandy told she enjoys the process of glamour modeling, not just the end results–the photos and the videos.

“I think of myself as a laid-back angel with an open-mind,” said Mandy, who was one of the “flirty thirty” glamour models on the ITV television game flaunt Take Me Out.

“My interests are learning as much as I can about the latest trends in fashion and make-up. I’m a make-up stylist anyway being a adult model and I am a spokesmodel at looker exposes and conventions. For enjoyment, I adore to go horseback riding and attend power-lifting unveils.”

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