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John the bachelor is so desirous over Anna Kay that that dude has to have her right then and there. This is a lady who likes to screw and needs plenty of sex to keep her cheerful and content. She is More To Screw.

Bigger in size than typical meatballs are a bigger in size than run of the mill part of Anna’s life, including her sex life. When one of her lovers spurts a greater than run of the mill load of cum all over her bra buddies, it enhances her own excitement and fun. For enjoyment, Anna likes plan to lap dancing clubs and, of course, she becomes the most-popular angel in the room.

“Strippers adore my mounds. Sometimes they give me a dance and just bury their faces in my juggs and try and motorboat me. They tell me that my pointer sisters are just so large and gorgeous that they can not help themselves.

“I feel relaxed at exotic dancing clubs. I can sit down and have a swallow and be entertained and I actually fit in. I’m not some beauty who stands out cuz of my bigger than standard knockers coz everyone in there has large mounds. Like, I do not need to worry about everybody looking at me or hitting on me. Or even about someone’s girlfriend getting jealous coz her boyfriend’s flirting with me. At the lap dancing club, I can just chill out and view the expose.”

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