Tool Time Goddess

Tool Time Girl

Texas is known as the Lone Star State, but coz of hawt hottie Morgan Page, it should be known as the Hardon State. Morgan decided to glamour model after a brief career as an stripper. One look at that body proves that babe made the completely right decision. This babe too loves to do home improvement projects. That reminds us of one more Texan SCORE star named Colt Fourty five who took up renovating houses. “Guys view me and think I’m a girly cutie who can’t do anything, but I can really put up drywall, lay tile and do other projects,” Morgan told. “I adore using force tools.” Tool time angel Morgan loves to wear shorts and T-shirts which we encourage her to continue wearing. “I know that chaps like bosoms and I’ve greater than standard bra-busters. When I need something, it is valuable to know that I can reveal a little deep cleavage and males will pay attention.” We not merely pay attention to Morgan Page, we stand vertical when we pay attention.

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