One of the UK’s All-time High reaching Stars

One of the UK's All-time Greatest Stars

Stacy Owen had the flawless girl-next-door looks and demeanor but she was likewise so hot and playful,” SCORE CEO John Fox remembered.

The well-developed Scottish brunette also had the uncommon quality of looking wholesome and real even in her hardcore scenes. Sex is a natural part of life and Stacy was very natural in her sex scenes. This babe did not have a porn star look or style about her, no matter how sexy and slutty the scene was, and that babe didn’t action like an over-the-top sex star on-camera.

After Stacy retired from movie scenes and from nightclub tours with other beauties around the UK, her fans hoped this babe would make a comeback at some point but she not at any time did. Over 20 years later, some in her original fan base from back in the day still hope this babe would consider at least returning to glamour modeling.

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