The big-titted step-mom fucks her step-son

The big-titted step-mom fucks her step-son

The big-titted step-mom fucks her step-son

Gia Costello, a 40-year-old mom, describes herself as “a sweet and sexy Italian woman with a naughty mind and bad girl streak running through.”

That bad girl streak is apparent in this scene, in which this busty MILF deep-throats and fucks her step-son. It’s Gia’s first fuck at after several appearances at, where the members love her big, plump, natural tits and plush body.

“I love a hard, rough, sweaty, long sex session,” Gia said. “I like making out for a while. I go crazy if a guy kisses my ears or neck. I love both giving and receiving oral sex and I like a little kink thrown in, like him tying my hands or blindfolding me.”

Despite what you’re seeing here, however, Gia said, “I’m an old-fashioned girl. I like romance. I like flowers, to be wined and dined at a nice restaurant, maybe find a quiet spot afterwards to chat.”

Yeah, and maybe gag on your cock. That, too.

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Perfect 10

Perfect 10

Perfect 10

Our boys Johnny Rod and Colton Jag have seen a lot of ass in their day. And we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill booties, mind you. They’ve seen and sampled some of the thickest, roundest ‘donks you’ll ever find in Miami. So they’re certainly knowledgeable to rate Eva Gomez‘s lightly-tanned rump. Eva struts into the room expecting to score a perfect 10, but these guys are tough. Johnny and Colton raise their cards and both rate her rump a nine.

Eva’s going to have to put in a little work to get that perfect 10, which she has no problem doing, of course. Eva hops onto the nearby bed, oils up her booty and pops it for them. Needless to say, Johnny and Colton are impressed. So impressed that their cocks are now, understandably, fully-erect.

The boys hop over to the bed and decide to thoroughly inspect Eva’s body and booty.

“That’s nice, huh?” Johnny says to Colton as he smacks her ass.

The guys are ready to work on Eva. Johnny pulls out his cock and slides it into her mouth while Colton smacks Eva’s ass and fingers her cunt. The dudes switch sides for a bit until Colton lies down on the bed and tells Eva to hop on his cock. She eagerly hops on him and pulls Johnny over to her so she can continue sucking him off.

Taking turns fucking Eva’s pussy isn’t enough for these dudes, though. No, when a girl like this is in front of you, you fuck her pussy AND her ass. At the same time! Eva’s screams and moans are a mix of pain and pleasure as she takes this DP.

We’re not sure if we’ve seen a girl get fucked harder than this. When these dudes finally bust their nuts, they shoot their loads all over Eva’s phat ass. As a show of appreciation for her hard work and perfect body, the guys affix cards with “10” onto her cum-soaked ass cheeks.

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Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet

Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet
Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet @
Mistress Carmen & Goddess Lisey are having the very best of days starting off with being pampered by their sissy maids they share stories of the Real Men to follow. After a short bit of sissy discipline the Ladies are off to greet the Sexy Big Cocked Men waiting for them. What follows is bacchanal. A depraved display of sweaty hard fucking unlike you have seen before. The sissy maids are there for lube and towels to keep their Dominants in the sex heaven they seek. A couple of creampies and facials later and the Ladies are ready for the clean up from the serving sissy tongues.
Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet Carmen Valentina & Lisey Sweet

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Busty Gia fucks her step-son

Busty Gia fucks her step-son

Busty Gia fucks her step-son

Gia Costello, a 40-year-old mom, is doing some housework, and we get to watch. That might sound boring, but it’s not because Gia’s big, natural tits keep falling out of her halter top and her fine ass is barely concealed in her short shorts. Gia’s tits are out when her step-son, who has been watching her, comes up to her and grabs them.

“What are you doing?” she says.

“I can’t help myself,” he says.

“What if your dad found out?” she says.

To which he retorts, “Fuck that guy.”

Yeah, fuck him. If he’s gonna bring a hot, busty step-mom into the house, his son can’t be responsible for what happens. Gia is shocked to hear this, but she doesn’t stop him, especially since he’s making love to her tits.

A few things about this scene:

• Gia has impressive deep-throat skills. She swallows his cock down to the balls.

• She also enjoys when her step-son makes her gag on his dick. “It’s much better than your dad’s cock,” she says. Now that’s a compliment most guys don’t hear from their step-mom.

• Not surprisingly, she’s excellent at tit-sucking. She also loves to spit on that cock.

• Her tits wobble like crazy when she’s riding on top.

• And, of course, she takes the load on her rack.

“Your dad’s gonna be home soon,” she says.

“Fuck that guy,” he says.

Well said.

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Anilos - Like What You See

AnilosLike What You See

featuring Peggy.

Added On:

Apr 9, 2021


Lusty Peggy wants you to give in to your attraction and cum on over to help make her pussy twitch. This cock hungry housewife is eager to give in to her sexual need. As she unveils her slim frame, she kneads her boobs, pinches her nipples, and gradually moves lower to the heart of her sexual need. – Toy Time added to

Anilos - Toy Time

AnilosToy Time

featuring Brandii Banks.

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Apr 8, 2021


A simple sundress just flaunts the busty delight that Brandii Banks brings to the table. This bigtit mommy is stunning as she strips down to her thong. When even that scrap of fabric comes off, her hairy snatch is wet and ready to be filled and fucked with a vibrating dildo.

Texas Big Top Star

Texas Big Top Star

Texas Big Top Star

Dani Moore‘s friend back home in Texas, where they grow their tits big, recommended she apply to The SCORE Group and try modeling. So Dani went to our models’ ad on the net,

“I applied, not thinking I would actually get picked,” said Dani. But that was not the case. Having 47-inch, 38DDD hooters will always get girls through our doors.

Dani likes to suntan with a bikini top. She works in a tattoo shop, which sounds to us like a great place to meet busty women and whisper in their ear about modeling. Dani is not a swinger and she’s not a nudist. But she was curious about hot modeling, and as fate worked out, her friend knew all about us.

Dani did a voice-over for this video as she masturbates on a couch. It’s a neat touch as many times a girl is so wrapped up in baking her cookies that she’s too preoccupied to talk. Dani watched the video as she did the voice-over. That would have been an interesting video too.

“I masturbate as often as I can, usually with one or both of my vibrators or just using my fingers,” says Dani.

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Creamin’ Mya’s Pie

Creamin’ Mya’s Pie

Creamin' Mya's Pie

North Carolina girl is in the big city and she’s got some big-ass titties to share. The cam girl and occasional exotic dancer at the Crazy Horse in the city of Hickory joins Jim on the terrace of his high-rise with a bottle of champagne and her sexy plumpness poured into a tight dress. This babe must drink Awesome Juice for breakfast. She blows it all sky-high, gagging on dick and painting it red with her lipstick.

She’s dick-drunk and he’s boob-drunk now. They go inside to the bedroom for some fuck and suck time. Intoxicated by her plush bod and country-girl looks, Jim bangs Mya hard enough to break the bed frame. He does an interesting move that most studs don’t do to XL Girls. He takes the fleshy area above her pussy in his hand and squeezes it together while he’s screwing her in missionary. (See photos 66 and 67.)

Mya’s lips and pussy are magical and Jim can’t get enough of her deep-throating and gagging. Fucking her tits is an adventure, akin to climbing Mt. Everest. When she’s riding him on top, he sticks a finger up her butthole. After pounding Mya hard and fast, he slows down in missionary. Right then, her pussy is filled with seed. He pulls out and steps back so the skeet can be seen oozing out of Mya’s well-fucked pussy as she ooohs and aaahs. Mya holds her legs back to show the camera the nut-sauce dripping out of her. Tingling, she rubs her cum-covered slit in satisfaction, then tastes her fingers. “So good,” Mya purrs.

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