Gratifying Mia

Pleasuring Mia

Names do not acquire more fitting than Fun Mia. There’s nothing we’d adore to watch more of right now than Mia being gratified. Our lad Commando feels the same way. After Mia makes her way out to the pool, Commando is admirable enough to assist lotion up her thick chocolate ass.

Of course, things begin to sizzle after Commando lays down a hardly any coats of baby oil. Mia jiggles her wazoo a bit to tease him, but she’s the one getting hotter. She pulls Commando’s dick with out his swim trunks and stuffs it into her mouth whilst he’s smackin’ her a-hole.

“Let’s go inside so I can ride this dick,” Mia says

Sitting on top of a white couch, Mia pops and drops her ‘donk on Commando. Then, this lady-killer flips her around and beats up her nifty wazoo and cum-hole from the back.

“Fuck me!” Mia says as Commando picks up his pace. “Oh, god! I am intend to cum!”

With an wazoo and fur pie this bangin’, Commando can merely hold out for so long, too. He discharges a load of ball cream all over her chocolate trunk.

Mia happily rubs it into her arse. Yup, that is how u joy Mia.

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