Professor’s Pet

Professor's Pet

Samantha, aren’t u a little old to be dressing adore a schoolgirl?

“Not if my English professor can’t live out of it! We’ve a thing going on. It was always a dream of mine to shag one of my professors, but I did not think it was intend to happen during my first high-school class! I’m doing a dual enrollment
program so I take classes at the community college here. Foremost thing I ever did! He’s old and so hawt. Some of the other studs in the class check me out, but I’m not even interested in them. I’m hooked on maturer rod!”

How do you turn your professor on?

“A lot of the time I won’t bother wearing knickers with my little skirts so I can flash him during the lecture. I’ll uncross and cross my legs so that charmer can acquire a check with out my twat. A few times he’s ended the class early so we could copulate.”

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