Obey The Female-dom

Obey The Mistress

Raven gets off on telling pathetic little males what to do. That babe knows some guys merit it, and urge it. Levi’s one of those boyz. His day job is stressful, an accounts gent who’s constantly having to dictate order and impress others. At the end of the day, this chab doesn’t want another obedient goddess in his lap. This skirt chaser is looking for a fierce dominatrix-bitch to make him obey her each order. Raven’s the one for the job, commanding him to lick her vagina clean, mouthing him off just sufficient to seduce him and then jumping on his wang for a wild ride. So why does that babe do it? “At first, it was just amusing, indeed. When I was younger, I was definitely more of a supple type. But I realized I wasn’t getting the kind of sex I liked from fellows that way, so I started becoming more assertive. Then I began wearing these wild domme outfits and I enjoyed the response. Just kinda snowballed from there.”
Now Miss Raven cant acquire sufficient of the leg and ped worship she acquires from these fellows. “I get a kick with out making them lick my indecent boots and feet, watching ’em grovel on their knees. Making them beg for my pussy is the preeminent. I have made grown bucks whimper as I step on their balls while they implore me for a taste. I love watching them squirm, but it is all in wonderful pleasure.”

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