Wicked Girl

Naughty Girl

Welcome, Sakura! Are u sure you are 18?

“[Laughs] I acquire that all the time, but I’ve been 18 for numerous months now already. I at not time realized how much lads are into younger-looking cuties. I used to think it was a shame I didn’t have much of anything in the way of fun bags, but so many lads love my flat, little chest that now I see it as a nice thing. Hurray for flatties!”

Is that what made you give a decision to pose for us?

“Well, I was actually slutty to find a magazine that doesn’t try to cover up flatties with super-padded bras or boob jobs. I am pleased to expose off my bitty bazookas across the pages of 18eighteen. Plus, I’ve not at all done everything like this previous to. I wanted to unveil people that u don’t have to be a certain sort of cutie to do this. Even valuable, quiet beauties are lascivious and love to get exposed in front of the lens now and some other time.”

Definitely. So tell us, have u had much experience with boys?

“I haven’t gone all the way yet, but I have done other stuff, like give blow jobs. Older boys hit on me the almost all, and tons of the time, they’re just pleased to see me out of my sexy raiment. I’ve met a hardly any boyz who just wanted me to fib exposed on their sofa and touch myself so they could check out. It makes me wanton seeing them view me like that. I am not prude, but I am still waiting for the right pont of time to give up my virginity. Maybe soon?”

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