The Intimate Dressing Room Flaunt

The Intimate Dressing Room Show

It’s a intimate dressing room reveal with alluring Sofia Rose! She’s back at XLGirls and this day Sofia’s trying on hawt clothing and treating you to her incredible body and extremely big bra buddies.

What makes Sofia amorous? “Dirty talking and magnificant giving a kiss. Privately: nipp play.”

What makes Sofia chortle the hardest? “Random acts of perversion, obscene jokes with truth to ’em and porn gag reels.”

What makes Sofia feel sexy? “High heels, constricted captivating clothing and a lot of breast valley. Great hair and make-up. I dress up. Heels, heels, heels.”

“I’ve become more aware and in touch with my sexuality since doing XXX. I was always aware of it but now I’m more in touch with myself and open to new things. I love exploring and learning more about myself that way.”

What about sex on a first date? “Sure, why not? Just don’t fall in like!” That may be difficult. Sofia is the kind of beauty a buck naturally crushes on.

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