Sprayed With Darksome Seed Sprayed With Dark-skinned Seed
Sprayed With Dark Seed @ KatieThomas.com
Chaps, meet J.E.D. What’s that? This chap looks familiar? Well certainly this stud does. That’s Jon E Depth! I call him Jed cause, well, we’re close adore that. He’s my dark-skinned ally. He’s worthwhile, precious looking, has phat hair… and oh yep, and HUMONGOUS dark-skinned pecker. Which if u haven’t guessed is my favourite. From the minute I unleash his mammoth pecker to the second it sprays me with black seed, I do my unsurpassable to be the FINEST… dark knob floozy that is. I think I do a marvelous nice job. Jed thinks I do a charming good job, and well, what do u think?
Sprayed With Darksome Seed Sprayed With Dark Seed
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