Brobdingnagian Billibongs Of Britannia

Brobdingnagian Funbags Of Britannia

Dave and I got to know Susie Wilden when that babe came to the States to pose at SCORE after 1st glamour modeling for TSG in the UK. Now that beauty was a lot of joy! Brit angels in general are very cheery, easygoing and bubbly. They talk to people like they’ve known them their complete life. Linsey, Lorna, Kerry and other Brits are adore this likewise. We latterly shot a Brit named Bex Shiner, who was a Bigger in size than typical Brother contestant on Great Britain television, and Lily Madison, and they were the same way. Very bouncy and happy-go-lucky. I’ve at not time had the chance to meet Laura Bailey in person, but I’ve heard from numerous Brits that this babe is likewise an upbeat goddess.

This uncommon duett filmed in London at the mature SCORE studio is packed with nipple-sucking, breast-worship and toy-banging. It is the solely time I know of that these two blond Britons jumped every other’s fleshy curves. Their mammaries and butts are all over the sofa, and they look love they’re indeed savoring the pont of time.

I enjoyed how they start off looking at Voluptuous magazines in couch. Seeing the mags or the DVDs in a layout or a movie is smth I love. If the models are intend to be reading something as an opener to a scene, why not one of our mags instead of a book off the shelf?

Susie retired fairly early and dropped absolutely without sight. Laura hasn’t modeled in years. I remember letters coming in from browsers who were absolutely batty over Laura. This babe only modeled for a short time starting in the January 2000 Voluptuous. That babe posed for five more V-mag pictorials and one XL Cuties photo-shoot. Laura once told me smth that cracked me up.

“I drive but not legally. Any cars that friends are daft enough to lend me.”

Hopefully this babe is gotten her license by now. I’d go for a ride with her any time.

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