Enchanting & Sticky

Sweet & Sticky

Welcome back, Lily. What have you been up to since we final saw u in the July ’09 issue? “Well, I’m pleased to report that I am no longer a virgin. I lastly got the rod that I had been craving so bad, and I feel so much better! Back when I was a virgin I was always in a bad mood ‘cuz I was sexually disappointed. But now I don’t have a care in the world. I have a boyfriend–an maturer charmer like I always wanted. Our sex life is sooo astonishing. His schlong is like a magic stick that makes me larger than average O nonstop!” What kinds of things do you do for your older spouse? “I actually adore to cook for him. If I could, I would spend all my time split betwixt the kitchen and the bedroom. Coz my beloved things to do are bake and bonk! That charmer loves eating my cooking as much as this chab loves eating my slit! It is so priceless to have somebody lick your vagina for a ages after you’ve spent hours in the kitchen preparing dinner for ’em. This fellow says my pussy tastes lovely and sticky!”

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