The Battle of The British Super-Naturals

The Battle of The British Super-Naturals

I not at any time met Sammie Dark-skinned and Jenny Hill. Sammie sailed on Boob Cruise ’98. I did not go on that tour but I know 100 studs who gotta spend a week on the ship with her. After the journey, some of them said me that Sammie was unbelievably coy, enchanting, soft-spoken and very quiet.

Jenny has appeared in V-mag at least 15 times since 1995. “My milk cans are a natural 38Q,” she once told. (Keep in mind that she’s only five-feet tall.) I think that babe still adult models in her native UK. Sammie retired in 1999 and we haven’t heard from her since.

Jointly, they were 2 of the all-time bustiest adult models in the history of big-tit photography, and that’s saying a mouthful. Their posing in this rare teaming at the SCORE studio in London is fun-loving and joy. They relish their super-naturals and sometimes do almost comedic positions. Jenny has the larger fullsome funbags. Her love melons pancake out whilst Sammie’s have that fully packed torpedo or football shape that’s consistent throughout from chest to nipp. Sammie has much wider areolae while Jenny’s are much darker. Not putting them together would have been a crime and a sin.

Sammie and Jenny play with each other’s jumbo jugs, weigh their pointer sisters (something I like to watch), baby oil their bodies and tussle on a Fitness Centre mat, then head off to shower jointly. We used to sell this movie on VHS tape, and it was immense with V-Men, adore the girls’ humongous bras. When the world shifted to DVD, the scene was placed in Dark & Stacked.

Watching Sammie & Jenny makes you realize that:
1) It is a miracle that vixens love this truly exist in the real world.
TWO) It is a miracle that they agree to glamour model in the 1st place.

In the bigger than run of the mill ’90s, these two became immediate legends in the big-bust world. How could they not?

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