The Blooming Meatballs of Ellis Rose

The Blooming Milk cans of Ellis Rose

Ellis Rose learned about SCORE through a friend who loves bigger than run of the mill bra buddies. This smooth operator said Ellis about SCORELAND and that babe checked us out on the web. The idea of glamour modeling clicked with Ellis and that babe wanted to do it.

Posing stripped is a new experience for Ellis and one of the reasons she wanted to try it. “I like it. It is pleasure,” Ellis told. “I adore recent experiences. I detected posing very enchanting and the SCORE team was worthwhile. Anything was priceless.”

“I had the mammoth juggs when I was growing up. I have one girlfriend with bumpers that are a little smaller than mine. I usually receive a lot of attention ‘cuz of my chest. I do not wear everything special to attract attention to ’em.

Ellis said this babe has one peculiar talent: “I make males love me.”

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