The Cone Bra

The Cone Brassiere

That’s the kind of cone bra you do not see beauties wear much anymore. They were everywhere in the 1950s, especially beneath taut sweaters. Just view any clip or TV flaunt from that decade. “I don’t even wear a undergarment much of the time, ‘cuz it is hard for me to detect the right size,” says Natalie. “I try to find hours and days and can’t find ’em. So I love most of all to wear a T-shirt with no undergarment. Sometimes my nipps come poking right through. So I acquire lots of attention wherever I go. I remember I was in school and I was so confused and ashamed of my bigger in size than run of the mill boob size. Nobody was adore me. I was like the mascot of the high-school and I attempted to hide my love melons below oversized T-shirts and loose-fitting hawt outfit. Then one day I realized I had no reason to hide them. I should be gratified of them and I guess they are a part of my enchantment, so now I want to show them to the world. Being in your mag and vids is the finest way I know.”

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