The Hotty On The Dock By The Bay

The Gal On The Dock By The Bay

So you are out for a walk on Virginia Key (a barrier island between Key Biscayne and Miami in South Florida). It’s a gorgeous summer day, and u watch a cutie standing on the dock. That babe is wearing a red dress. You are thinking, “Oh, how wonderful. A pretty gal in a valuable dress relishing a summer day.” You wave. This babe waves. And then u go on with your day, never suspecting that in a not many minutes, that same cutie will be getting her wobblers out, then taking her belts off, then spreading her slit and arsehole on that very same dock. But that’s the worthwhile thing about Kali West. On the out side, this babe is the cutie next door. So blameless, she seems. But then she does this. Certainly, this babe too fucks a lot, smth you can see all over SCORELAND, but that is some other story. Meanwhile, the next time u see a beautiful girl with bigger than typical mammaries on a valuable day, maybe u should stick around a whilst. Watch what happens. Will this happen? Probably not. Almost all cuties aren’t like Kali. But you not at all know.

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