The Loser pours on the enchantment

The Loser pours on the charm

Our mothers used to tell us, “If you do not have everything priceless to say, don’t say everything.” The Loser’s Mother should have told him, “If you do not have everything to say, do not say everything.” But the Loser wasn’t ever said this. Or maybe he was and this stud did not listen.

So here’s the situation, boyfrends. Put yourself in the Loser’s shoes: U have a hot, 22-year-old redhead sitting on your sofa. She’s wearing a red, strapless top and a short, dark petticoat that is twat all the way up her leg. She’s in your house coz this babe wishes to copulate. That is the solely reason this babe is there. But she seems a little nervous. So what would you do?

Put her at ease? Try to calm her down? Make her snicker? Talk about sex? That is what we would do.

But what does the Loser do? This chab asks Andi about her friends and relatives back home. He asks, “What’re you gonna do if they look at?”

In other words, the thing she’s probably almost any nervous about is the thing this stud gives a decision to ask her about. Way to put the beauty at ease, Loser.

But he doesn’t stop there.

“Nervous?” this chab asks her.

“A little,” Andi says.

“That’s okay,” Loser says. “So am I.”

At this point, it’s a miracle the scene ever gets shot, but give Andi, who’s a paramedic, all the credit. She uses her throat to resuscitate what should be a disaster and works his weenie nicely. Even when the phone rings-hasn’t the Loser ever heard of turning off the ringer while shooting a scene?-she keeps going until that ladies man drops his load on her face.

At least he is good for smth.

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