The XL Beauties Car Wash

The XL Angels Car Wash

Natascha Romanova‘s photographer not solely produced a photo discharge and episode of the Russian bra-buster, this man managed to receive his car washed likewise. Natascha wore her one-piece bikini and turned out to be beautiful handy with that pantyhose, getting wetter and soapier than the car.

Natascha dropped her top after a not many minutes and then peeled it absolutely off. She even buffed the vehicle with her mammoth marangos, doing a more amazing job than any pro car washer.

Natascha, who lives in Switzerland, told that babe loves showing off. “I adore people to see my fetching, large hooters. So I wear constricted raiment. Everyone looks at me, including many honeys. Very rarely they ask me questions. ‘How big are they?’ ‘Do I know how much they weigh?’ Mostly people just look but don’t approach me. Swiss people are worthy and don’t like to intrude on others’ privacy.”

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