Tigerr Goddess

Tigerr Girl

Tigerr Benson urges your opinion. Do u adore her suit? She’s asking. Can you deny a impressive, big busted gal speaking with a British accent?

We caught up with Tigerr for a quick chat.

SCORE: When u observe your SCORE clips, what do you think?
Tigerr “I always think it’s atypical to see myself. When I’m in the studio with a boy it seems adore it is just us jointly. So I think it is a bit shocking to watch it online. I usually view one about four or five times. I generally love most of all DOUBLE PENETRATION scenes. It’s not a peculiar unveil to me, it is just me with a lad or boys. I view alone. I think it would be a bit embarrassing to observe with somebody else, especially a boy. This man might get jealous likewise!”

SCORE: What have your fans told about your SCORE scenes, both solo and hardcore?
Tigerr: “Firstly they all appear to be to love the makeup and the outfits. I do also. They make it much more hawt. I’ve a member called Kevin who is always asking me to do smth with Hitomi so I think I will contact her when I’m back home and meet her. She’s cute. Lots of my fans love girl on girl scenes so they are awaiting to see if I do any with SCORE. I have just done one with Cutie Wicky.”

Tigerr’s threesome with Gal and a man is coming pretty soon to SCORELAND.

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