Diminutive Tart

Tiny Tart

Why are u getting nude out side, Rio? Aren’t you afraid of getting bitten by mosquitos or something?

“That shit doesn’t faze me. A little bite here and there’s worth it to be experienced to be nude outdoors in the sun. I live in Minnesota so I must take advantage of the hot, sunny weather during the time that it lasts. I am letting my merry, little milk sacks and my cum-hole soak up the warm sun before it receives likewise cold to even go outdoors. Maybe I should move to Florida or something.”

If u love being stripped out side, does that mean u love to shag outdoors, also?

“I love to bonk anytime, anywhere, but outside is plenty of enjoyment. Especially at the beach or in a park with trails and tons of trees. My prefered thing to do is shag in the rain. I was driving with this ladies man one time and we were stuck in traffic in the pouring rain, so I pulled over into a park. We got with out the car and he started fucking me right there in the rain. It was so sexy, adore a scene without a movie scene. It made me cum so hard.”

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