Today on the BBC: cum cocktails!

Today on the BBC: cum cocktails!

“I’ve not at all naked. I am not a swinger. I am not a nudist,” told 50-year-old divorcee and Mother Lexy Cougar.

But this babe has these strippers, swingers and nudists beat ‘coz she’s had sex on-camera for all the world to watch. Even taken a large porn knob up her tight arse. And now, in her 1st video at (we met her at, Lexy is intend to engulf and fuck a bigger in size than average, darksome dong and then drink cum out of a champagne glass.

Hey, even tons of porno stars have never done that.

“My Fourty’s were awesome, probably the utmost years,” Lexy told. “I’m more secure with myself and I know what I love and desire. I was very bashful in my Twentys. I came with out it a little in my 30’s, and in my Fourtys, I went in the other direction.”

And now she is in her 50’s and continuing in that direction.

“I think that just has to do with being youthful and not knowing as much and experiencing the ups and downs. In your Twentys and Thirty’s, you are all worried about them instead of yourself. You urge to impress people for the wrong reasons.”

Now she is impressing people for the right reasons. Look at how that babe handles that BBC!

Of course, she’s appreciating herself, also, and that is what matters.

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