She is A Sexy Sucker!

She's A Hawt Sucker!

Welcome back, Trinity!
“Thanks, it is priceless to be back! Hey, did I tell you that I just got fucked in the ass? I have endevoured before, it just hurt also badly to go all the way through with it. I had to jerk the poor man off. Now my arse has been pumped full of cum, and I love it more than I ever thought I would! The feeling of his cum spraying the inside of my ass felt so awesome I actually came just from feeling him cum. So, that’s all I’ll be doing when I acquire a steady husband! The boy I endevoured anal with was just a friend helping me out.”

Wow! So anal’s your prefered sex action?
“No, it is just that ass-fucking is new and exciting. It is like finding a glossy toy underneath the Christmas tree. U forget about the aged ones. Well, that is not true. I couldn’t live without giving blow jobs or getting my twat licked. So I guess it is just the newest favourite sex action to be added to my bonk arsenal! [Laughs] Gals should always be learning.”

What’s the almost all important sex lesson you have ever learned?
“Probably to remember to breathe while engulfing rod! I’ve not quite passed out giving blow jobs, which isn’t pleasure. I like giving head, though. It is actually an art form that I suppose I have mastered. I even taught almost all of my girlfriends how to suck wang. Boys, a little advice? Tell us when you are about to cum! I like to gulp a hawt load of sex cream, but I have to know when it is shooting in my mouth, otherwise it’ll spill out all over my lips and I can’t catch it all! U boyz don’t urge us gals to waste your valuable load, do u?”

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