Unsurpassable Alexis May: Alexis Meets Luna

Ultimate Alexis May: Alexis Meets Luna

Alexis May (Big-Boob Hookers) kicked off her American arrival from across the Greater than run of the mill Pond with SCORE’s Preeminent Alexis May, a XXX DVD dedicated to this big busted Scottish lass. In Part 1, Alexis meets Luna, a marvelous American model who looks so much like Alexis, this babe could be her sister, or at least a cousin. They acquire real chummy on a daybed. Luna seductively sucks on a lolly, then they engulf on their teats and acquire very, very close, love gals often do. Now that they are well-acquainted and mashed-up, Luna puts on a mammoth strap-on weenie and shags the Scottish with out Alexis, ramming the rubber monster into her soaking wet “fud,” as some Scots call the cookie. “My chest makes boys instantly attracted to me over lots of other angels, so I acquire their attention easily during the time that other gals have a hard time getting attention,” Alexis told. “I mean, all I acquire to do is stick out my chest and I acquire attention. I used to loathe them when I was younger, but then as I got old, I realized they could be used to my advantage. I started growing when I was 13. I was a D-cup when I was 14. I had the colossal pantoons in my school, and I was not even the oldest angel. Far from it, in fact. Boys will do more things for you if you have large bosoms.” And beauties likewise!

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