Vanessa’s Breast Growth Spurt!

Vanessa's Breast Growth Spurt!

Vanessa is back. And there have been some changes.

Vanessa’s thick garden has been trimmed. More importantly, her already big zeppelins are even larger. She’s had a growth spurt! That’s 2 in a row with Nancy Navarro’s recent look.

So how did this happen? Why now?

Vanessa says that as in a short time as this babe avoided smokin’ cigarettes, her boobs began to grow and they haven’t avoided yet. Useful information for other angels too: Lay off the ciggies and maybe your love melons will receive greater likewise!

Hair-lovers may bemoan the loss of Vanessa’s hirsute twat but since the trade-off of sorts is bigger milk shakes, there’s no point in splitting hairs.

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