Vicky Soleil’s Breast Exam

Vicky Soleil's Breast Exam

No one knows why hawt gals with large meatballs are always drawn to visiting quack doctors that screw them rock hard, but they are, and this visit by Vicky Soleil brandishes how these physicians operate.

A web-cam model, Vicky has a hard back and neck so that babe makes an appointment for an exam. Maybe it’s those lengthy hours on her computer. When the alleged doctor sees Miss Soleil stretching out a taut red dress, this chab develops a severe stiffness of his own. There can be solely one cure.

After checking Vicky’s prodigious chest with a stethoscope, this buck has Vicky lay back on his exam table. Vicky’s costume and brassiere are removed for a more magnificant look at her issues. It is determined that a breast rubdown will be beneficial to Vicky. Dipping a hand into a bowl of his handy breast rub-down goop, this chab continues to rub and squeeze the magnificent bigger in size than typical marangos that nature has so generously bestowed upon Vicky.

The manipulations of her impressively larger than average areolae and nips make Vicky hot. The doctor knows that teat play releases hormones that acquire a angel lascivious. Continuing his exam farther south, his slick fingers examine Vicky’s pink-box with careful pressure placed upon her hardening clit. Whilst this chab is pleasurng her love tunnel and boobs, Vicky’s hand has reached over to his junk. Somehow his trousers have mysteriously fallen down.

Vicky grasps his knob and starts jacking him to rigidity. Obviously, a hawt beef injection appears like the superlatively worthwhile form of treatment to cure this patient’s back and neck issues. His tool sinks betwixt Vicky’s soaked twat and they begin their pumping table-fuck. Great Hooter Hospital! Vicky is a fantasy patient!

Vicky is so hot, she inspires this doctor to blow a load so immense, this chab should receive a SCORELAND award.

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