Walk with me, P-Chan

Walk with me, P-Chan

You normally do not think of Asian hotty’s as having monumental, natural bosoms, but cuties love Hitomi and P-Chan have proven there is an exception to every rule. In this movie scene, P-Chan is in Tokyo, Japan, where this babe takes us for a walk. This babe checks out the sights. We check her out. Then she takes us inside to tell us about herself. Then that babe receives her bra buddies out, which, truly, is what we wanted all along.

SCORELAND: P-Chan, where were u born?

P-Chan: Earth, Asia, Japan, Tokyo!

SCORELAND: What are your specific skills?

P-Chan: My special skill is nail art. It’s always different. I change it depending on the season. For sample, in June, cuz it is the rainy season, I paint the Hydrangea flower. In winter or Christmas, I paint trees. I can likewise hide many objects beneath my large milk shakes.

SCORELAND: What do u adore to do in your spare time?

P-Chan: I adore going out to eat with allies. I likewise love to go to the episodes. I adore horror clips.

SCORELAND: What kind of food?

P-Chan: I like Korean barbecue.

SCORELAND: Tell us what kind of chaps you go for.

P-Chan: My favorite type of woman chaser is kind and funny and has a steady job.

SCORELAND: What is your consummate date?

P-Chan: My consummate date would be to go eat some agreeable food and go see places, love Japan’s Great Buddha.

SCORELAND: Have u traveled overseas?

P-Chan: Yeah. I have been to The United States of America, Thailand, China and Indonesia.

SCORELAND: Do you masturbate?

P-Chan: Yep. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I use my fingers, sometimes a fake penis. My bumpers are actually sensitive so I love to touch ’em.

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