When Bumpers Collide

When Boobies Collide

There’re scarcely any duets that approach the sheer boob size of our 2 foxilicious allies Natalie Fiore and Micky Bells. When they walk into a room, they fill it with their force. More than vixens, they’re forces of nature. Until the SCORE road travel to Mexico, Micky and Natalie had by no means met in person although they acquire to have known about each other. Coz of its lack of borders, the busty internet is a diminutive world. Micky and Natalie had tons of time to get well-acquainted, and an afternoon in one of the private spas at the abode helped to cement their bosom bonding. After playing with each other’s supernatural bodies, the gals needed to soak in a tub. That only increased their horniness so they decided to have a mutual masturbation session. Natalie prefers fingers inside her squishy pinkness while Micky went for the larger than average tool, a cock-toy that’s wired up and was remote-controlled by Natalie. How the photographer survived this encounter is a miracle.

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