Your Call Cutie

Your Call Girl

“Being observed while I masturbate excites me in ways you can’t imagine,” says blond bombshell, Candi. “I do tons of hot things so that my lover receives lewd and notices to me. I’ll undress my garments off piece by piece. I indeed like to see him squirm in his chair and then try to conceal his biggest boner. It’s a game we play. I like to watch just how sexy I can get him without touching him. I’ve made him cum this way, too!” confessed Candi. “One of our newest sex games involves dialing a stranger’s number and then having wicked phone sex with him whilst my lover watches me. It acquires me off and suddenly I’m gushing my pussy juices whilst listening to a perfect stranger wack off for me. It is even more fine because I know how much it’s exciting my boyfriend to hear me cum for one more lady-killer! I know how much my paramour likes shoes, so sometimes I will slip one off and suck on the heel during the time that he watches me rub my adore button over and over and work myself into a frenzy. I adore to slap my pussy with the immodest sole of my shoe just as I am about to cum, too. The sharp sting of the shoe hitting my delicate and enlarged snatch flesh makes me crazy. I have squirted cum all over my pantyhose and had it oozes down my a-hole crack previous to.”

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